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Nicolina Andall

  • Portfolio NED - Awarded the Financial Times Postgraduate Diploma for NEDs - Expert Speaker for the FT 

  • Board level experience in the Corporate, Public and Not for Profit sectors

  • Independent Panel Member (Ministry of Justice) making Ministerial recommendations in respect of Judges, Magistrates and Board members in the Public Sector. 

  • Qualified Solicitor for over 20 years

  • Cranfield Female FTSE Board Report 2020 - 
    "100 Women to Watch" list


  • Accredited NLP Practitioner


Nicolina Andall


NED, Solicitor and Public Appointee on the Cranfield 100 Women to Watch 2020 list, who brings an independent voice to the Boardroom. 

Nicolina has served on and advised the Boards of a range of Corporate, Public and Not for Profit organisations over many years.  She specialises in 'Nominations' and has a wealth of experience assessing and recommending senior candidates for appointment to NED, SID and Judicial roles and holds a Public Appointment in this regard. 

She is a Solicitor who brings a commercial approach to advising corporate business leaders on M&A, commercial and governance matters.  She does this by leveraging her strong City background and deep in -house experience to provide clear guidance and/or challenge to steer and inform the teams she works within.

As an Ambassador / Presenter for Women on Boards UK and Committee Member for International Women’s Forum UK, she is passionate about encouraging and empowering women and ethnic minorities to become influential voices in the Boardrooms of our Society. 


Full details on Linked In - Nicolina Andall

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