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I am a Certified & Accredited NLP Practitioner (ACT) & Executive Coach.

It never ceases to amaze me how coaching changes lives.  I specialise in working with professional women and ethnic minorities helping them change their mindset, find inspiration, set and achieve their goals.  


I have been absolutely blown away by what my coachees have achieved.  The feedback says it all...

What my coachees say...


“To be honest, I was never a fan of coaching, but my experience with Nicolina has altered this perspective, as it has enabled me to use the mirror reflectively and introspectively, to think deeply; widening my perspective on innumerable possibilities, illuminating my growth path, professionally and personally. She has been able to find the right balance in the mix of coaching and mentoring techniques within each session, with deeply visceral discussions, which guides the coachee from probabilities to possibilities within each topic. I enjoyed every minute of the experience!!!”


“Nicolina brings phenomenal warmth, understanding and a direct approach to her coaching sessions. Skilfully she provides the scaffolding to suggest how to move forward and shift a stubborn mindset enabling real self-reflection, re-evaluation of present life circumstances and tools for personal growth.”


“Excellent coaching sessions - made me feel at ease to explore my development issues.”


“You are indeed a great listener. Thank YOU for sharing this [feedback]. It’s very accurate and useful to reinforce my priorities right now. Very much appreciate you taking the time. I’ll keep you posted and meanwhile looking forward to seeing you online soon”

FEES:  Standard Executive Coaching rates - £200 (+VAT) per session (or less if package booked)

*No current space due to present commitments
Do let me know if you are interested and I will add you to the waiting list

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